Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Healthcare Practice Sales and Financing firm develops new division specializing in Appraisal


Check out our press release Announcing Medical Practice Appraisers as an independent service for valuation and appraisal engagements. We have been retained by a number of medical practices, clinics, and healthcare business entities for these assignments. As a result, our team of valuation consultants and appraisers has grown into a separate division providing a dedicated service. Medical Practice Appraisers (MPA) is a division of Transition Consultants, a recognized leader in practice financing solutions, healthcare business consulting, and medical practice brokerage. For more information call 800-416-2055 or visit

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Internal Medicine Practice For Sale - Lake Tahoe Area

Practice medicine in a fantastic resort area location near outdoor recreation and serene Lake Tahoe. Long established, solo primary care practice providing office based internal medicine, allergy testing & treatment. Also provides some cosmetic procedures including vein & hair removal and acne treatment. Gross collections averaging $700,000k + annually with high net income. Primary payors are Medicare and PPO insurance. No Medicaid or HMO. Fully equipped office, highly trained staff, and EMR System. Seller will assist new buyer with transition assistance.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Business Valuations: Putting a value on valuation

Business Valuations: Putting a value on valuation This is an older article from Accounting Today (2007) covering the development of standards for business valuation and appraisal. Interesting to see how the field has fared under multiple governing bodies trying to promulgate their own standards which don't come in conflict with other standards. These developments are great progress considering the questionable and unfounded valuations that float around out there. Some of the appraisals I've seen are exceptionally bad. Appraisals can involve quite a bit of subjective judgement, but it's widely accepted that appraisers should use generally accepted principles under standards USPAP and other bodies. A bad valuation opinion can be especially detrimental to those who rely on the judgement of valuation professionals in order to make appropriate business decisions (pretty much everyone). One of the best undertakings has been development of standardized language under the international glossary of business valuation terms.

Central California - Pain Management Clinic for sale

Long-established outpatient pain management practice with emphasis on both evaluations and pain management. Collecting $1,600,000+ annually. Services include medication management, pain pump refills, trigger point injections, epidural steroid injections, facet blocks, pump implants. Balanced payor mix and referral sources. Well trained staff and management in place. Seller is willing to provide generous transition assistance to new buyer to ensure a successful transaction. Ideal opportunity for a physiatrist, anesthesiologist, or other physician specialist trained in pain management. 100% financing available.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Refinance Practice Loan - Medical and Optometry

Refinancing a practice loan and consolidating debt can greatly improve cash flow and alleviate working capital needs. However, the process by which a doctor can obtain this type of financing may be less apparent. In a tight economic environment where capital guidelines may be more stringent it is important to plan ahead for this process. A practice loan application may have one opportunity to be considered, and approved or denied based on a myriad of factors which must be anticipated in advance. To have a clear picture of the application going into the process it is vital to keep organized financial statements and tax returns. This will allow a loan consultant to preempt possible issues and prepare supplemental information to support the request. A well-formulated business plan and projections may be required as well. Ample time and sufficient documentation are the key components to preparing for a practice loan refinance and debt consolidation as well as other practice financing requests.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Loans tide over L.A. County health clinics


Community clinics in Los Angeles who rely on Medi-Cal as their primary payor have been dealing with reimbursement shortfalls due to California's budget problem. Cash flow from payor reimbursements is the lifeline of these clinics and they can be especially susceptible when a small number of payors comprise a large portion of their business. Lines of credit and practice staff cuts are some of the short term actions being made to bridge the gap until normal reimbursements return. "Stung by a budget stalemate that is costing Los Angeles County community clinics more than $330,000 a day in reimbursements, many clinic managers have been forced to take out loans and contemplate cuts to staff and services." Small rural practices and health clinics with less access to capital in the interim, likely will find it even more difficult to keep their doors open.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Poll: Buy a practice or start your own?

I found an interesting poll on SDN Forum (from 2009) about practice options as a new physician. The results were interesting but not surprising. As I mentioned on the thread, I see this response from many new physicians who are coming out of medical school with a mountain of debt and are looking for stability. It would be interesting to see the same optometrists and ophthalmologists polled with the same questions after three to five years into their careers. It probable that the response would shift. Producing for a group as an employed physician can have a profound effect on a doctor's perspective. Work experience and production capability can lend confidence in being able to successfully start or acquire a practice.

Poll Options
  • How do you plan on beginning your career?
  • Starting your own private practice
  • Buying somebody's private practice
  • Joining a group
  • Working in a University setting
  • Other

Medical device markets with import restrictions

An article from DotMed on countries who forbid the re-sale of used medical equipment. Worries over safety have led to these countries to impose import restrictions on anything but new medical equipment. With so many underutilized capital assets in Western countries, there are plenty of uses for safe equipment especially in underdeveloped nations.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Selling a dermatology practice in Ohio Northeast

Ohio Northeast - Selling dermatology office, long established solo medical/surgical practice collecting $600,000 annually on part time hours. High net income of $400,000. Lots of growth potential by expanding scope of the practice and accepting more insurance. Well established and good reputation for providing high quality care. 96% Medical/surgical dermatology, 4% cosmetic. Excellent staff. Tremendous growth potential by expanding practice scope and provider coverage. Retiring seller will assist to facilitate a successful transition. 100% Dermatology Practice Loan Purchase Financing Available.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Optometry practice for sale

Optometry practice appraisal and sales. Florida west coast optometry practice for sale Exceptional opportunity grossing $1,300,000 + in 2009. Exhibiting strong organic growth rate of 10-15% over the last three years. Additional revenue potential by expanding optometrist coverage hours. Optometry loan financing available.